Mark Cuban Explains The Four Parts Of An Ideal Investment Pitch

Mark Cuban sat down at TechCrunch Disrupt SF today to talk privacy and founding businesses. However, from Shark Tank to his own investment firm, Mr. Cuban, is also a prolific investor, which lead to questions about the best ways to get his investment.

“I’m very transparent with my companies,” Mark said. “You should know the companies I’ve invested in, why I invested in those companies and how your company is going to be great.”

He noted that in Silicon Valley, young companies often view getting fundings as the “end-all, be-all.” Mark explains that he is more interested not in how the company will exit but rather how the company will be a success without an exit. He is looking for the company’s plan to become, as he says, insanely cash-flow positive, which makes it easy for him, as the investor, to keep on funding it.

But don’t pitch Mark by starting out by implying your company will be a success if they just capture a tiny portion of a billion dollar market. That, he says, is something that makes his eyes glaze over.

Instead, Mark is looking for four things: The company’s core competency, why you’re great, how the idea is protectable and how it can scale.

It’s that easy.

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