Logitech Releases A Surprisingly Useful Bluetooth Keyboard That Connects To Three Devices

Keyboards, schmeeboards, amirite? But wait! Take a look at the Logitech K480, a unique Bluetooth keyboard that can connect to three devices simultaneously and allows you to switch between them using a little dial. The devices sit in a trench over the keyboard and you can swap from, say, a computer to a phone to a tablet.

At $50 the K480 is an acceptably priced accessory. It features Logitech’s fluorescent styling and has some low-travel chiclet keys. It’s so small that it actually looks like a table maker. However, it could be a boon for developers who can easily switch from dev hardware to their main computers and back without KVM switches and other horribly primitive tools. It comes in black and white and is wireless. It should be available later this month.