EQLIM Startup Aims To Surface Geopolitical Big Data In The Middle East

The EQLIM startup, which means ‘region’ or ‘territory’ in Arabic, has launched, aiming to create a subscription service for real-time data about human activity in emerging economies. The Beirut, Lebanon-based startup wants to address the lack of data about the Middle East.

It will look at big data covering geopolitics, infrastructure, and commerce, as well as data cross health, environment, agriculture, and cities. It ams to expand from the MENA region into Africa and Asia.

So far it’s secured $425,000 in angel investment by lead investor Fadi Ghandour and is arising a new funding round of $1 – $1.5 million for product and market development.

Hassan Alassaad, CEO and cofounder says they are “basically mapping in real-time risk and opportunities across the region.” He estimates the market for big data in the Middle East to be above $1 billion.

Samples of EQLIM’s data are now available via API, web, mobile, RSS and email.

An example includes an interactive map of the MENA region showing areas with damages to religious sites in the past month, another one for damaged schools in Gaza, a matrix focusing on the transportation industry, or a total of energy infrastructure currently at risk of falling under ISIS’ control, he told regional blog Wamda.