This May Be The Best Look Yet At The New iPhone

It’s happening. Apple’s invitation to a September 9 event has officially gone out. At least one next-gen iPhone will be unveiled in a few short days. However, new photos have emerged on Chinese site WeiFeng that appear to show components that match up almost identically to previous leaks for a 4.7-inch iPhone.

If these numerous leaks are to be trusted as the real deal, and we are, in fact, looking at parts for the next iPhone, then you’ll notice that this design language is quite a departure from the past few generations of the iPhone. From the iPhone 4 onward (with the slight exception of the iPhone 5c), the iPhone has had a flat face and back, with rounded corners.

These components point to a more iPad mini-like shape, with four strips of plastic seemingly running across the back of the device. As AppleInsider mentions, the strips in these most recent photos seem to be closer to the color of the metal back of the phone, as opposed to previous leaks. This might suggest that we’re seeing a more finalized version.

However, we’ve also heard rumors that claim that the plastic strips are just a preliminary design, and will eventually be replaced by glass, which would look a bit closer to the current iPhone 5s.

The next iPhone is a big deal for Apple. The company is making big changes to react to the smartphone landscape that it had a huge part in creating, and all this without Steve Jobs at the helm.

All that said, with a bigger screen and a more durable design, this next iPhone could be the device of the year.

We’ll have to wait until September 9 to find out.

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