MB&F Mixes Up Sci-Fi Canon With A New High-Tech Music Box

Watchmaker MB&F aka Maximilian Büsser & Friends is well known for its dedication to the sci-fi cause. Many of the watches – some costing over $100,000 – are reminiscent of robots, steampunk engines, and alien heads. Now, however, you and yours can own a handmade music box that looks like a weird USS Enterprise and plays, oddly enough, the Star Wars theme.

The box is made of steel, brass, aluminum, and “350 year old spruce wood” for the resonating chamber. Why is it special? Ariel Adams informs us:

A man, Lorenzo Pellegrini – who is in his 80s – is the only one who can select the right tree, and according to him, only 1 in 10,000 spruce trees in the correct region have the proper resonance qualities. When the right plant is found the trees are only cut down in November during a waning moon, because apparently that is when the tree is in its driest state. After being cut down, the wood is allowed to try for up to a decade before being specially cut for its ultimate use in these music boxes. If that doesn’t make for the types of stories that sell luxury goods, then I really don’t know what will.


The box will play parts of the Star Trek and Star Wars theme songs as well as some Clash, Rolling Stones, and Led Zep. Again, this thing costs $21,000 and is entirely hand made, so logic is kind of out the door here.

That said, it’s a cool, nerd-centric device created by one of the most respected indie watchmakers in the world, so it’s bound to sell a few units.

ABlogToWatch has a few more details but feel free to wonder at this Star Trek-inspired music box and, more importantly, allow the hate to flow through you because the thrusters are on the wrong side of the primary hull. Live and prosper this long look as good you will not!