PSA: HP Recalls 6 Million Laptop Cables Because They Could Start Fires

AC Power CordLARGE

Are you using an HP laptop? Quick — take a look at its power cord. Specifically, the part that connects from the power brick to the wall.

If it says “LS-15” on it, you might need to stop using the cable and get it replaced (though, confusingly, some “LS-15”-marked cables are fine.)

According to an alert from the US Consumer Safety Product Commission and confirmed by HP, some 6 million-or-so power cables floating about out there are now considered potential fire hazards.

To date, the CPSC says there’ve been 29 reports of cords overheating and charring, with two of those resulting in minor injuries and 13 claims of property damage.

The LS-15 marking on the cable will look like this:


As you might expect, HP is replacing all affected cables free of charge. If your power cable looks like the one above, you can find HP’s replacement program right over here to determine if you’re due for a replacement.

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