Fetch Gives Your Dog A Comfortable Way To Lifelog With A GoPro

People are already strapping GoPro action cameras to animals of all furs and feathers using various means, but a new mount called the Fetch from GoPro itself is designed to given them a comfortable, collar- and water-friendly harness to hold the camera, with adjustable fit for dogs of any size from 15 all the way up to 120 pounds.

The $59.99 accessory includes two mounting locations, including a chest mount for a view of dirt digging, toys and bones; and an over-the-shoulder back mount for a more panoramic view of what your dog is seeing from the ground. The thing is designed to withstand not only aquatic dogs that like to take a swim, but also mud and grit. It’s washable, and it has a lot of padding to help make sure it won’t annoy your pooch.

pdp_image_ADOGM-001_life4The mount’s versatility in terms of working for both small and large dogs might be its best feature, especially given you can release the chest mount entirely for really little ones. You can also use quick release bases to make it easier to get the GoPro on and off the dog, and there’s a camera tether to make sure your GoPro won’t get lost even should it manage to get itself loose from the harness.

As someone with a dog, I’m very interested in the possibility of securing a GoPro to her in a manner that both won’t annoy or potentially injure her, and that will still allow me to get those prime time action shots of when she’s chasing squirrels or pigeons. The Fetch ships today from GoPro’s website for anyone else curious about what life is like from their pet’s perspective.