Man Builds A Suit To Turn Himself Into A Human Fireworks Display, Lives

tin man

Ever wished you could see what it’s like to be inside a fireworks display?

You could toss up a drone and fly it through the fireworks…

Or, if you’re mostly bonkers, you could build a big terrifying metal suit, cross your fingers, and stand right in the middle of the action.


You might recognize the guy in the video as Colin Furze, one of our favorite people (or, at least, our favorite mad scientist) on the whole internet.

Remember those crazy, fully functional Wolverine claws? That was him. Or the shoes that let their inventor walk on the ceiling? Those were his too. The wrist-worn flamethrows? Yep, him.

It goes without saying, but: don’t try this one at home. Really, you probably shouldn’t try anything that Colin Furze does in his spare time.