Vemory Automatically Compiles Video Memories From Your Social Media Photos

It seems like everyone and their mom is making video montages. A year in the life of a baby from England. A year in the life of that new SNL actor Brooks Wheelan. But it takes quite a bit of dedication to actually edit those videos to perfection.

That’s where Vemory comes in.

Vemory is an app that automatically configures all of your images — not just the ones from your camera roll, but the content you’ve posted to Facebook, Instagram, etc. — to create beautiful videos between 60 seconds and two minutes. But the compelling part of the app is that you can go from having no video compilations to having a dozen or more, all from simply signing up.

Using information similar to the iOS 8 collections, Vemory pulls in all the photos from a certain location or event, and also compiles videos for each year. The images are chosen based on their number of likes, and as the video plays, various comments flash by on the screen as well as the number of likes for each photo.

Vemory even adds in some generic music.

Of course, you have the power to edit these videos, removing certain photos and replacing them with others.

And for folks who really feel the need to express their creativity, Vemory will let users build their own videos from scratch.

Not only can you share your Vemories on the Vemory app feed, but users can also push out to Twitter and Facebook.

“As social media histories grow deeper, and camera rolls and flickr accounts balloon to hundreds and thousands of photos, the task of finding the right picture becomes more and more daunting,” said Vemory founder and CEO Hunter Powell. “Vemory takes that burden away.”

For now, the team is simply focused on scaling and offering Vemory for free as long as possible.

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Vemory from Vemory on Vimeo.