Google And Citrix Team Up To Launch A Better Citrix Receiver For Chrome OS

Google and Citrix today announced the launch of a new  version the Citrix Receiver for Chrome that both hope will bring more businesses to Google’s Chrome OS platform.

Receiver gives users access to their virtual apps and desktops through XenDesktop and XenApp from their smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs. After originally launching Receiver for Chrome, the company later transitioned Chromebook users to Receiver for HTML5. At the time, Citrix argued that the HTML5 version offered more features than its standalone Chrome app, but with today’s launch of a more native experience, Chromebook users get access to far more features than the HTML5 version was able to offer.

Because Receiver for Chrome can now access more of Chrome OS’s native features directly, users are able to easily use Google Cloud Print, for example. Features like audio and video playback should now also work better. Other features include integration with Chrome OS’s clipboard across remote and local applications, as well as monitoring with HDX Insight and support for direct SSL connections.

Google always positioned Chromebooks as an easy and affordable way for enterprises to give their employees secure access to their virtual desktops and line-of-business applications. Earlier this year, Citrix and Google already teamed up to offer businesses a discount for Citrix’s AppDNA application management service. Receiver was also one of the earliest applications for Chrome OS.

While Chrome OS has done especially well in the education market, it could also become a major player in the enterprise world. Those business users, however, will need to be able to use their browser-based tools, as well as their older line-of-business applications and that’s where tools like Citrix Receiver come in to help those companies make the move to Chrome OS.