Gleam Launches B2B Platform Based On Data From Its Fashion App

Gleam, a fashion consumer app startup on iOS and Android that acts a discovery tool for new fashion and links to shops, has now launched a back-end B2B platform. Gleam raised a seed investment round of €940,000 from Faber Investments and Portugal Ventures in July last year.

Gleam’s ‘Fashion Intelligence Platform’ lets brand that pay a subscription fee get real-time insights into how consumers are interacting with their content and products. Competitors to Gleam include WGSN, EDITD or Nielsen. There are other players that offer data sets and analysis static in time, however Gleam hopes that the real-time nature of its data will appeal to fashion businesses.

The idea is that brands can use the visual and analytical platform for insights into the most shopped for or most engaged with looks, analyse market engagement daily, weekly or monthly. The 2B2B pricing is between €290 and €390 a month.

The consumer app features 200,000 ‘shippable’ images of fashion items is also geo-located. The app’s user-base of 250,000 across more than 60 countries is, says the company, growing at over 25% per month.