TC Cribs: Storm8, The Land Of Very Colorful Desks And Lots Of Fancy Beer

In this episode of Cribs we headed to Storm8, the company that makes lots of popular mobile social games.

Storm8 is housed in a, well, pretty bland looking corporate building in suburban Redwood City, so we weren’t sure what to expect. But the inside of the office tells a very different story, with lots of very colorful things to catch the eye. That’s largely because Storm8 encourages all of its employees to participate in a “Pimp My Desk” decorating competition (in a nod to the long running MTV show Pimp My Ride, of course.) Storm8 has a lot of artists on staff, so things get pretty creative.

Watch the video embedded above to see Storm8’s blinged-out desks, homemade putt-putt golf course, and seriously extensive fancy beer collection.

And here are some photos from our tour:

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