Sympler Offers An Easy Way To Create Fun, Music-Centric Videos

Co-founders Ben Jenkins and Alexander Kane swung by the TechCrunch office recently to show off Sympler, their new video app for iOS.

Asked why the world needs yet another app for creating videos on your iPhone, Jenkins argued that “the ones that are out there aren’t really helping people do it.” Specifically, apps like Vine and Instagram don’t tackle video editing, which Jenkins described as “one of the keys” to creating good videos, but also something that has “traditionally been a very complicated process.”

So Jenkins said that Sympler (which launched last month) has borrowed tools from the music world, turning the act of editing into something like a game. Not only can users watch the videos you’ve created — they can also take the assets and create their own “remixed” versions.

“We want to sort of indirectly teach people about some of the principles of editing, like quick cuts, synchronization with music, or some relationship with music is a good thing,” he added. “But we don’t want to lecture them, and we don’t want to tell them how to do it.”

You can see some of the results (sometimes silly, sometimes very cool) in the video above. You can also watch me fumble around with the app — I don’t think I did a particularly good job, but hey, I was having fun.