Bill Gates And Tim Cook Dump Ice On Their Heads For ALS Awareness, Challenge Elon Musk and Dr. Dre

Gates Ice

Oh, you thought Bill Gates wouldn’t be up to Zuck’s challenge to dump a bucket of icewater on his head for ALS awareness?

You thought wrong. And because it’s Bill Gates, the video involves blowtorches and engineering.

ALS, or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a fatal neurodegenerative disease that attacks the brain and spinal cord. You can find more information about ALS here, and donate to the ALS Association here.

As is tradition, Gates gets to call out three people to go under the bucket next, so he named Elon Musk, TED conference curator Chris Anderson, and Ryan Seacrest.

If Elon’s video doesn’t somehow involve rockets and ice from space, I’ll be sorely disappointed.

(Hey, you! Heading for the comments to post “PFT, HOW DOES THIS RAISE AWARENESS FOR ALS” or “PFT, BILLIONAIRE DOES THIS INSTEAD OF JUST DONATING $100.” — stop. You’re neither original nor right. The ALS Association has reported an absolutely massive spike in donations since this started, and if there’s anyone who can never, ever be called out for not donating enough, it’s Bill Gates.)

And in case you missed it last night, here’s Apple CEO Tim Cook (who also donated to the cause) doin’ the challenge on the Apple Campus:

Update: And here’s Bezos dousing himself at Amazon’s all-hands meeting this afternoon. After considering passing the challenge onto a few people who almost certainly wouldn’t partake, he names Star Trek stars William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, and George Takei. Bezo’s ice dump goes down at the three minute mark in the video below