Sam Lessin Is Leaving Facebook

Facebook VP of product management Sam Lessin just announced he’s leaving the social network. The announcement came as a post on Lessin’s personal Facebook page saying, “Esteemed colleagues, it is with quite mixed emotions that I write to say that August 29th will be my last day at Facebook.”

Lessin was brought into Facebook when his company was acquired by friend and Harvard alum Mark Zuckerberg. While at the social network, Lessin was instrumental in working on the “Timeline” feature and other important product development roles.

Lessin says he chose to do a “short” post instead of his usual 10,000 word diatribe. After leaving Facebook, he says he will be generally taking some time off for “kite-surfing, skiing, and general adventuring / possibly some trouble making.”

Following that, he leaves the door open to go back into the startup world.

“This is the first time I can think of since middle school where I didn’t have a very concrete next step to take in life…If past performance is any indication, I will be starting something soon enough… What, I don’t know, but generally volume of ideas has never been much of an issue for me,” he writes.

With one smiling emoji to close it off, Lessin makes a reference to Hook as a goodbye, “‘That Was A Great Game.’ Hurray!”