Music Video Syncing Platform Vadio Raises $2M, Partners With VEVO

Bryce Clemmer says more people are streaming music and visiting sites like YouTube to view music videos every year. To tap into this growing group, Clemmer co-founded Vadio, a platform that allows streaming music services such as Pandora, as well as terrestrial radio stations, the ability to sync a song’s music video for users to view.

Vadio raised $2 million in a seed funding round from investors such as the former president of NBC Enterprises Ed Wilson, Robin Richards, former CEO of Vivendi Universal and Marc Geiger, co-founder of Lollapalooza. The company today announced a partnership with music video platform VEVO.

Vadio recognizes the song played on the radio or streaming service and finds the corresponding music video in real time to embed so that users don’t have to click away. The service claims to bring better monetization for the artist and music streaming services as well. The streaming services and radio stations can embed the video channels into websites, mobile apps and most digital platforms.

There are other services in this space such as, but Vadio directly embeds the video on the service you are using (that it’s partnered with) so that you can stay on your favorite streaming service, rather than having to visit a different site to watch a music video.

Clemmer, CEO of Vadio, says Vadio, which is available in 15 countries, also manages video advertising. So when you’re listening to a song (and watching its music video) on a streaming music service, the advertisement that usually follows a video, not necessarily an audio ad.

While I’m hardwired to visit a different site to watch music videos and am more inclined to keep listening to music and watching music videos separately, this service seems to fit the bill for a certain crowd that would enjoy having the ability to watch a music video right when a song starts playing.