Heads-Up Display Navdy Hits $1M In Pre-Orders During First Week

Navdy, the voice and gesture-controlled heads-up display that wants to keep your eyes on the road, hit $1 million in pre-orders in its first week of the company’s pre-order campaign.

Doug Simpson, CEO and founder of Navdy, says the response has been incredible and has surprised the team in a positive way. At one point in the last week, slightly more than one unit was being ordered every minute, and right now the company is being flooded with emails from developers looking to integrate their apps into Navdy.

The company is working with PCH International, who works with companies such as Apple and Beats by Dre, was a part of PCH’s accelerator, Highway 1. Simpson says he is fairly confident that production is Navdy’s strong suite and that they can meet demand. They’re working with PCH in San Francisco and China and are planning to ship early next year.

Simpson says several automotive OEMs have shown interest in possibly using Navdy as a built-in system in their vehicles.


The device is powered by plugging it into the car’s 16-pin data port. Once it connects to your phone via Bluetooth, Its voice and gesture controls allow you to take calls, reply to texts and ask for directions without having to pick up your phone. You need the iOS or Android app to help set up the device.

The campaign has another 21 days to go with the 40 percent discounted price.