Free Startup Idea: BurritoCannon

So it’s lunch time, and you haven’t accomplished nearly enough to warrant yourself a jaunt outside to get some food, let alone having iced so many to-dos that you are going to leave the office for a sit-down meal.

And you want a burrito.

After full minutes of running estimates in my head, I’ve discovered this situation happens between three and fourteen times per week to the average journalist.

You could Postmates a burrito to yourself, but somehow that will end up costing $30. You could try GrubHub, but in San Francisco the Mexican options on that service are slim. Instead you knuckle under and eat another AOL-financed Cliff Bar or use SpoonRocket to bring you something that you didn’t really want but will arrive now-ish, so you can keep on staring at the Internet. At least that’s true if you work in the TechCrunch office.

Enter my awesome idea: BurritoCannon. It’s the SpoonRocket for burritos. (Uber for burritos?)

SpoonRocket is great because it is fast, easy, and affordable. But it doesn’t bring you burritos. Imagine the same service, but with burritos, and ask yourself if you aren’t excited.

BurritoCannon could even do breakfast burritos in the morning. ARE YOU NOT EXCITED!?!?

In other news, thanks to the JOBS Act I am proud to announce that I am raising a $4 million seed round at a pre-money valuation of $8 billion. Serious inquires only.

The following gif via @BurritoJustice pretty much sums up my amazing idea:


Original idea via CrunchWeek:

Top Image also via BurritoJustice.