Share Your Ideas About Immigration

High-skilled immigration reform matters to the tech community. Yet in the nationwide debate that often spirals into partisan bickering over border patrol, we’re often drowned out.

In both 2013 and earlier this year, we saw chances of high-skilled immigration reform die in congress. In 2013 the senate passed a bill that never gained any traction in the House. This year, House Speaker John Boehner told the president the house would not vote on immigration reform in 2014.

Silicon Valley innovators aren’t swayed by the same political pressures that result in Washington’s gridlock and inaction. That’s why we want to open the floor to you.

TechCrunch has partnered with deliberative polling firm ReframeIt under its donation from the Knight Foundation Grant. Along with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the Miami Community Foundation, we hope to not only generate new and creative approaches to immigration reform, but also test where the tech community would throw its support if fully briefed on the issue.

“If only a small group of people have the opportunity to de-bug our pending legislation and public policies, then any preventable bugs they don’t find are likely to cause real problems for our society,” ReFrameIt founder Bobby Fishkin wrote.

To contribute to TechCrunch’s project with ReframeIt, you can add your ideas to this document that ReframeIt has created with the input of top immigration experts. We want to read your suggestions and arguments to the ideas we have listed.  Your input can help generate creative solutions for the challenges associated with immigration as well as help pave a course of action for the tech community to pursue in the future.

After completing this stage of the project, ReframeIt will use your annotations to update the document. The final product will be used in the deliberative polling project we are conducting with ReframeIt. Deliberative polling is a new scientific process which gathers a randomly selected group of citizens in an attempt to understand what a larger group of people would think about an issue if they were informed.

Looking forward to reading your input!