WeedMaps Partners With Uber So You Don’t 420BlazeIt And Drive

Dude, where’s my car? Back in the garage because you took an Uber rather than driving high. At least that’s the idea behind leading “Yelp for marijuana” service WeedMaps and Colorado pot shop The Clinic partnering with Uber. Each time a new rider enters the promo code “clinicms”, Uber will donate $5 to multiple sclerosis research though the end of year. The campaign starts this week in hopes that no one will take take bong rips and try to pilot their hippie bus to the The Clinic-sponsored charity golf tournament this week.

This is how eager Uber is to grow. It will do anything and partner with anyone as long as it pulls in new users, no matter how high they are. From co-opting gay marriage to delivering kittens, offering plane rides or helping you commute by boat, Uber is demonstrating that it’s willing to get weird and wild in the name of marketing. You’d think Uber’s management was chiefing on that WeedMaps good-good. Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.30.33 PM But Uber’s next growth plan is no joke. Multiple sources confirm to me that Uber will soon launch an API, which could colonize the mobile landscape with “Get an Uber” buttons. So even if you get so stoned you forget what homescreen folder you put Uber in, you’ll be able to hail one of its drivers from another app. [Image Credit]