After YouTube And Vimeo, Pinterest Now Adds Vevo Music Videos To Its Site

Make way for more content coming to Pinterest: today the platform is adding Vevo music videos, which you can search for, share, and watch on Pinterest itself, on your own Pinboards, those of your friends, or on Vevo’s.

The companies are not disclosing the financial terms of the deal, a spokesperson for Vevo tells me.

This is not the first video integration for Pinterest. In fact, it’s the third after YouTube and Vimeo. But there are some points about this deal that make it important.

For one, it adds a big-name premium content provider into the mix, and potentially provides, for online music seekers, a channel beyond the likes of YouTube to consume things like this series of live Nirvana concerts.

Vevo has been building out its accessibility and is now available on Xbox, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV as well as Yahoo, AOL and other portals. The spokesperson says that the majority of Vevo’s nearly 7 billion monthly global views come from mobile, tablet and TV apps (62%), while desktop makes up 38% of its views. YouTube remains one of its very biggest channels today.

It also kicks up Pinterest’s position as a portal for entertainment content, which might help it mix up its demographics a bit more.

In its early days Pinterest developed a reputation for being a big hit with women, with a big emphasis on fashion, crafting and food. In fact these days apparently females still make up over 80% of its users.

Will Kurt Cobain be the answer to redressing some of that balance? Vevo-style content could help the company push into bringing in younger and more male users to the platform. But in any case, Pinterest has already been pushing other verticals beyond those that are already big on the site — travel being one example, where Pinterest has both been launching products that help tie its services to location, and also going after travel companies in court when it believes they violate its trademark.

While Pinterest is seen by some primarily as a vehicle that drives a lot of traffic to third-party sites linked on its boards — generating more referral traffic than Twitter and inching closer to the number-one traffic shunter, Facebook — now the tune is a little different.

The Vevo deal shows how Pinterest is now making some significant efforts to become more of a destination in itself. Adding more content that can be consumed on Pinterest will not only increase the amount of time that people spend on the site, but it will also give Pinterest the ability to monetise that content better by way of ads and sponsorships.