The Glov Will Make You The Inspector Gadget Of Sex Toys

You know that part in the movie where they geeky librarian takes off their glasses, shakes out their hair, and instantly becomes super hot? I haven’t personally tried out the Glov (as it just launched for pre-order on Indiegogo), but I can only assume that it’s a bit like that: It looks awkward at first, but it feels really good once you get down to it.

The Glov is meant to solve the problem of putting any real effort into pleasuring yourself.

Usually, to get any fun out of inserting foreign objects up there (wherever that might be for you), one must reach and contort in a number of awkward ways. I can attest that it can get exhausting on the wrist. (And you thought a keyboard would give you carpel tunnel.)

The Glov lets you attach a fun sex toy to the end of an admittedly awkward glove so that you can use much less energy to get things going, so to speak.

Obviously, this thing may make you look like the Inspector Gadget of sex toys, but at the same time, it could make you the Inspector Gadget of sex toys. Think about it.

The Glov also lets you control the vibration mode and power for the devices it attaches to, which include a rabbit and a traditional dildo.

It’s not necessarily the most technologically advanced sex toy we’ve ever seen, but it might actually solve a “pain point.”

You can learn more about the Glov on the company’s Indiegogo campaign page right here.