The Road To Disrupt: A Look At Ansa, The Off-The-Record Messaging App

On this week’s installment of the Road To Disrupt video series, we meet our final Startup Battlefield company, Ansa.

Built for more utility that that other ephemeral messaging service, Ansa enables users to to have more control over their text, voice, photo and video communications.

Ansa‘s founder Natalie Bryla designed the product to function the same way people already communicate with only minor modifications. By selecting “off-the-record”, users can ensure that messages are deleted from both their phone and the recipients. Ansa even enables users to reach back into their past and delete messages previously sent that you might want to take back.¬†And of course, what messaging app would be complete without a timed destruction feature?

Ansa launched at college campuses worldwide last fall and has steadily grown its user base as the need for less playful, more core anonymity functionally is demanded. The program was seemingly successful as Bryla indicates they’ll be back expanding their campus program this fall.

Get to know Ansa in this week’s “Road To Disrupt.” And stay tuned — starting next week, our series goes backstage at Disrupt SF 2013.