Peter Molyneux’s Godus Game Can Make You A Mobile Deity On iOS Right Now

Wacky game creator Peter Molyneux took to Kickstarter to fund the development of Godus, a god sim and Populous spiritual successor designed for mobile back in 2012. Now, after an early access launch late last year, it’s finally available to all for free on the App Store. The iPhone and iPad-optimized game lets you experience the joy of creation and the enthralling sting of destruction as you raise lands and civilizations, and should generally let you encourage your delusions of grandeur.

Molyneux is famous for experimenting in his game creation, from the free-form ethical quandaries of Fable to the weird and ultimately abandoned uncanny valley freakiness of Kinect project Milo. When he departed Microsoft Studios to create his own startup studio, 22cans, he first sampled the mobile waters with Curiosity, a collaborative massively multiplayer game which had players chipping away at a giant cube to find a secret reward at the center – which ended up being the chance to become alpha and omega of Godus, and to share in its actual profits (which come through in-app purchases).

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The Godus game offers some traditional mechanics, like quests and a storyline, but in typical Molyneux fashion nothing is quite straightforward as the storyline evolves over time and depends a lot on player interaction affecting the outcomes. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Molyneux game if you weren’t still essentially the subject of a grand experiment by the possibly mad game creator – the 22cans founder say she’s “fascinated to see how players wield [in-game god] powers on mobile.”