Car Lister Lets You List A Car To Sell With Your Smartphone In Under A Minute

Listing, selling or buying a used car online can be a drawn-out process. Car Lister wants to make the process dead simple by allowing you to list a car using only the vehicle identification number (VIN) and smartphone in under a minute.

DreamWare, a company that is attempting to automate the listing process for a wide variety of industries, is launching Car Lister tomorrow, but you can sign up and begin listing cars with this access code: techcrunch.

To list a vehicle you need an account and once created, all you need to do is input the VIN and answer a few questions about the car pertaining to its make and model. The service will generate titles and descriptions for you, making sure that you don’t have to type anything. If you don’t like a paragraph it generates, you can hit a button to have it generate a new one. You can add up to eight images and a video by hitting a button and every vehicle on Car Lister will have an accident report.

CarLister_Screenshot_browse CarLister_Screenshot_listing

Buyers who access the website through a Mac or iOS device will see a Facetime icon will appear on a listing so that they can Facetime with the lister before driving to inspect the vehicle. Users can email sellers if they would like more information.

Car Lister does indeed make it easy to list and search for cars, but it doesn’t offer much except for a payment calculator for the actual process of selling or paying for a vehicle. Like Autotrader and, it connects potential buyers and sellers, and lets them deal with the financial aspect of the transaction. Buyers will need to have cash upfront or find financing to complete the purchase.

In a move to get people to try out its service, Car Lister is allowing the first 8888 cars to be listed for free with an accident report. After that, the company is offering one plan: $14.44 will get you 30 images, the option to add a video and support on the site until the car is sold. The free version lists the vehicle for 14 days.

The service also lets you list your car for a trade-in with five dealerships, and these dealerships will bid on the vehicle.