Apple Sets Up A Special Section On Its Online Store For Beats Gear

Apple isn’t wasting time putting the Beats brand to good use after its acquisition of the streaming music and audio hardware maker officially closed last week – the Mac maker now has a dedicated section of its online store, both on the web and via its iOS app, that’s all about Beats By Dre devices.

The new section is divided into headphones, in-ear headphones, speakers and accessories, and actually gives the essentially ridiculous ‘Beats Pill Dude’ its own big hero image. Apple’s marketing line with its new Beats brand emphasizes sound quality, and otherwise presents the products that were already available on its store in newly organized categories. Beats’ own website redirects all customers looking to purchase to the Apple Store, as it has done since Apple relaunched the site of its subsidiary after closing its deal in the U.S. on August 1.

The special section is available once you click on the Shop Accessories tab link on the main Apple Store homepage, so it’s not necessarily a huge advantage over other audio accessory makers, but Apple’s homepage is also currently basically a paean to all things Beats, dedicated category aside. It’s reasonable that Apple would promote its new brand; however, it will be interesting to see how other accessory makers react. Bose has already sent a pretty clear signal about how it feels regarding the new alliance between Apple and Jimmy Iovine’s darling.

Via 9to5Mac