500 Startups Accelerator Announces Its Tenth Batch Of Companies

500 Startups batch 9

Hot on the heels of its demo day last week, 500 Startups is already announcing its tenth batch of startups.

In order to get more companies through its program, 500 Startups has been alternating between hosting batches in San Francisco and Mountain View, California. The accelerator’s tenth batch will be the second based in San Francisco.

As with previous batches, 500 Startups is touting the diversity of its latest group. The current bunch includes 11 companies with at least one woman on the founding team — same as the last batch — and 18 companies with at least one founder born outside of the United States.

While several of the startups are originally from the Bay Area, 500 Startups continued its practice of bringing in companies from around the world. In several cases, these startups are specifically targeting markets where they originated in the Middle East and Asia.

The 29 companies that are participating in the 500 Startups Accelerator include:

  • CareLuLu – a marketplace where parents can find licensed daycares and preschools.
  • Cream – a curated stream of outfits that lets users buy clothes or accessories or save them for later.
  • Feesheh – an online store for musical instruments for the Arab world.
  • Gallery AlSharq – a platform for purchasing exclusive stock photography from the Middle East.
  • Givesurance – give money to charities when you buy insurance.
  • Gymtrack – builds smart systems for gym equipment that can automatically measure workout progress and provide virtual personal training.
  • LendSquare – lend money to local businesses in exchange for interest and perks.
  • Mind My Business – an app built on open government to keep brick-and-mortar store owners updated on what’s happening around their business.
  • Monkimun – builds educational games for children that improve vocabulary and teach new languages.
  • myTips – quickly build interactive on-screen tutorials for new users based on behavioral analytics.
  • NakedRoom – sell, donate, or otherwise discard unwanted stuff around the house by scheduling one pick up.
  • ProductBio – helps organizations make their procurement processes more sustainable by providing data on the  environmental, social, and fiscal impacts of products.
  • Promolta – promotes music videos for up-and-coming musicians through placement on a targeted network of publishers.
  • Rain – lets small businesses quickly create promotions targeted at local consumers.
  • Revivn – repurposes used enterprise hardware for underserved markets around the world.
  • Rover – provides a SDK for retailers for quickly integrating iBeacon-powered context awareness into mobile apps
  • Shakr – a mobile app for creating video ads by filling templates with photos, text, and short clips.
  • Shopline – a platform for creating online shops for Chinese-speaking merchants in Asia.
  • StudySoup – a marketplace for college students to buy and sell notes, study guides, and tutoring.
  • TrustCloud – provides identity verification and background checks as a service for marketplaces.
  • Uguru – a marketplace for finding and scheduling tutoring on a college campus.
  • Uplette – shows users personalized landing pages after they click an ad on mobile.
  • UXCam – a tool for gathering and analyzing user experience data.
  • Vantage Sports – offers premium sports content to enterprises, media outlets, and fans.
  • WeDidIt – an online platform for nonprofit organizations to research their donors’ capacity to give by mining social and financial data.
  • Whim – a dating service that arranges same-day curated dates.
  • YogaTrail – a site for yoga practitioners to leave reviews of their instructors and their studios.
  • ZoomForth – a tool for quickly curating content into a functional microsite.