TC Cribs: Yelp’s Five Star San Francisco HQ

Welcome back to TechCrunch Cribs, the show that lets you snoop around the offices of the tech industry’s hottest companies. This is an especially fun episode, since we headed over to Yelp, the popular online review site.

These are some exciting times for Yelp: The company just celebrated its 10th birthday, and late last summer moved into a gorgeous new 12-story office space in San Francisco’s historic PacBell building. It was fun to see how many things have changed since Cribs first took a tour of Yelp way back in February 2011. But one important thing has stayed the same, and that’s CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, who served as our very fun tour guide.

Watch the video embedded above to see all the nifty things that Yelp has in its pad, from a full studio and green screen for making “Stoppelblog” staff update videos, to the very awesome portrait wall of Yelp’s top sales people, to all the spicy Fireball candies you can eat (for yours truly, that means less than one.)

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