Apple’s iPhone Event Said To Be Happening Sept. 9

Apple is said to be preparing for a September 9 iPhone event this year, at which we’ll likely see the next generation iPhone devices, according to Re/Code’s John Paczkowski. The date would be in keeping with past iPhone launches, and early reports suggest we’ll see the company reveal larger-screened iPhone devices on that day. Typically, Apple holds its event and then releases devices to the public a little over a week later after first launching pre-orders.

We’ve heard that Apple will be unveiling at least devices with 4.7-inch screens, and perhaps smartphones with even larger, 5.5-inch displays as well at this event, though it isn’t yet clear that both will launch at the same time. A range of other rumors surround the new devices, including evidence of all-metal designs for both models, as well as the possible introduction of new barometer, temperature and humidity sensors and support for near-field communications (NFC).

Apple will likely make iOS 8 available to consumers coincident with the iPhone 6 launch, so an update pushed live for users of existing devices should be available around that time, too. We’ll also learn whether Apple provides any hardware-specific features in iOS 8 designed exclusively for the next generation of iPhone, and whatever new capabilities it may pack within.

We’ve reached out to Apple for confirmation and will update if we receive any additional information.

Update: Bloomberg and WSJ are now also reporting the Sept. 9 date, making it virtually a lock at this point.