Facebook For Windows Phone Now Supports Video Uploads, Integrates With Messenger

Today Microsoft announced it published a new version of Facebook for Windows Phone that adds video uploads and integration with Facebook Messenger, as well as new languages.

Facebook will now link directly into the People Hub on Windows Phone for users running Windows Phone 8.1. That will bring Facebook deeper into the Windows Phone experience.

According to Microsoft, on devices running Windows Phone 8.1, “Facebook contacts, events, and photo albums are now powered by the Facebook for Windows Phone app.” That places the app more at the core of a user’s social experience on Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 8.1’s first update started to roll out today, in keeping with prior timing promises from Microsoft. Currently, Windows Phone 8.1’s market share remains constrained as carriers roll it out to their customers. New devices that are sold run the code, so it should quickly grow. Update 1 is on a similar, if later, timeframe.