Video Claims To Show Off The Live Folders Feature Coming In Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1

Update: Hey everyone, a tweet from the TechCrunch Twitter account asked if Live Folders would come in Update 1. That was a mistake on our part — they always were. Sorry for the mixup. The question that this post originally explored was if the user interface animations detailed below were real. I apologize for the confusion.

Component to Windows Phone 8.1’s first update — Update 1, of course — are Live Folders, which will allow users of Microsoft’s smartphone platform to group applications on the main screen of their handsets, saving space.

It’s part of a larger set up feature upgrades that Update 1 will bring. Microsoft has only released screenshots to date.

A video, uploaded by Windows Phone Lovers, shows off a purported demo of the feature that appears to mostly agree with Microsoft’s own supplied images of the capability. The demo is in a different language than the provided images, so there is some discrepancy. However, the larger Windows Phone community is treating the leak as genuine.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the video was real, but as with all potentially-specious leaks, consume the below video with incredulity.