Tinder Is Going To The Dogs With NYC Puppy Rescue Project

There are a lot of dogs on Tinder lately. Like, actual dogs.

East Village-based animal rescue organization Social Tees, long with creative agency internship program The Barn at BBH have whipped up a few doggy dating profiles for rescue dogs in the New York City area.

One pup 'looking for love'

One pup ‘looking for love’

BBH’s The Barn received award-winning recognition for awareness initiative Underheard in New York. Now it’s hijacking the love match app to find these dogs a home.

The puppy profiles read just like other potential Tinder matches, but with their ages skewed so the dogs will show up under the filtered searches of those in desired age ranges and genders. Vilma, for instance, is listed as 26 and “Single and ready to mingle!” but her profile notes this pup is only 9 weeks old.

Every year, approximately 7.6 million animals are sent to animal shelters throughout the US, according to the ASPCA. Social Tees and BBH’s The Barn began populating Tinder with 10 puppy profiles two days ago in order to reach the 10 million or so users of the app.

A lot of people have already been posting about the suggested dog matches on Twitter. While most of the tweets seem to understand the project and support it. There are still a few who are left scratching their heads on why Tinder sent them to the dogs:
Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 1.53.11 PM

The initiative has received over 1,500 matches in less than 24 hours and BBH’s Mario Garza says one of the dogs has already found a home.