This Extension Gives You A New GIF Every Single Time You Open A Tab

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Hey, you! Don’t you wish you had more distractions in your day? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get distracted by something literally every time you opened a new browser tab?

No? Oh. Well. Uh. Check this out anyway.

animatedTabs is a Chrome browser extension that brings more GIFs into your life. Every time you open a new browser tab, a GIF will be waiting.

I installed it more or less accidentally a few days ago, and… well, I’m hooked.

Is it pointless? Absolutely! Is it going to raise a zillion dollars at a trillion dollar valuation? Probably not! But it’s consistently made me laugh at unexpected times throughout my work day, and we all need that.

While the extension’s author doesn’t mention a source, a bit of digging suggests that at least a good chunk of them (and their captions) are from reddit’s /r/gifs/.

Perhaps because of this, most of the GIFs it pulls are pretty current; I’ve had a few pop up that were pulled from this Game Of Thrones bloopers reel, which was just released at Comic-Con last week.You know that guy who always seems to have way too many GIFs at his disposal? YOU CAN BE THAT GUY.

Also note: while all of what I’ve seen pop up so far has been more or less safe-for-work, some of them have been a biiiiit questionable — so maybe don’t install this on your work laptop.