Saffron Fix Will Deliver You Indian Food Ingredients And Recipes

If you ever thought cooking Indian food was a daunting task or wanted to give it a try, Saffron Fix is trying to help.

Saffron Fix is a food ingredient delivery service, like Blue Apron, but what makes it unique is that it focuses on Indian cuisine, and it allows customers to choose whether they want their ingredients to come chopped, grated or sliced.

Co-founder Ankita Sharma says she has seen two contrasting scenarios in the U.S. and India. In India, everyone has access to fresh, Indian cuisine, but here, most people’s experience with it is at a restaurant.

“In the U.S. I had friends from different countries and I always felt that Indian food was shrouded in this complexity,” Sharma said. “People had this idea that it was complex and difficult to make that no one actually thought of venturing to make it.”

Sharma, who is working on this project with co-founder Madhuri Sharma, said Saffron Fix launched its Kickstarter page today and are trying to raise $10,000. They company plans to roll out the service through the use of a mobile and web-based app.

When you open the app, you will have multiple categories to choose from, such as vegetarian, paneer, chicken and curries. Once you pick a recipe, you can pick a serving size of 2 or 4, and then a choice of roti or naan. If you’re ordering before noon, you can have it delivered on the same day, or choose a day you want. The serving size of 2 costs $30 and the serving size of 4 costs $50.

Initially, Sharma said the company will have five options consisting of chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, punjabi chole, veggie masala burger and paneer bhurji rolls. Once the Kickstarter ends, they plan to have 5 to 6 options on a daily basis, with the recipes changing everyday.

Veggie Masala Burger Ingredients 2

For the most part the meals will be north Indian cuisine, but Saffron Fix will have a special of the week or month that will showcase other cuisines from different areas in India.

The ingredients are delivered in a temperature-controlled box with an insulation liner. Ice packs are added to make sure the contents are cool and fresh.

Apart from delivery to your home, you can choose to have your box delivered at your workplace, curb-side delivery or you will be able to pick it up from one of many locations the company plans to create.

Apart from the ingredients, the box will also contain a simple ingredient and recipe card that provides a step-by-step process on how to cook the meal, as well as provides an explanation of what the spices are.

Saffron Fix hasn’t chosen a single purveyor yet and they are taking a look at multiple local producers. All ingredients will be organic.

During the Kickstarter campaign, Saffron Fix will be available in California, the New York tri-state area, Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.