MakerBot Launches A European Branch


MakerBot wants to take over the world, but you can’t take over the world without leaving home base.

This morning, MakerBot announced that they’re formally launching a European arm of their company. It’s called… wait for it… MakerBot Europe.

Rather than start from scratch, MakerBot acquired the assets of one of their largest European resale partners, Germany’s Hafner’s Büro. Hafner’s Büro president Alexander Hafner will manage the new European division. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

As of this morning, the old Hafner’s Büro URL>/a> already forwards visitors to a European version of MakerBot’s site.

For the curious: MakerBot’s stuff seems to be quite a bit pricier in Europe, at least for the time being. The MakerBot Replicator Mini, for example, goes for $1,375 in the states, but will set you back $2,148 (€1,599) through their European wing. The massive MakerBot Z18, meanwhile, goes for $6,499 on this side of the Ocean, but $9,385 (€6.990,00) over there. A $48 spool of filament goes for closer to $80 (€59.)

Hopefully those prices can come down a bit in time, now that they’ve started cutting out the middle man.