Facebook Is Down For Many

Facebook appears to be down right now for many. If you load the website, you will get an error like the one you can see below. The website has been down for around 10 minutes now.

Similarly, you get a network error in the mobile apps and your content won’t refresh. Some TechCrunch writers could load the website, but when they clicked on something, they got the error message. So if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to load the homepage, but you won’t get any further.

When it comes to the developer platform, I can’t even load the status page to see if third-party apps are affected. Instagram appears to be working, at least partially. You can’t like a photo or follow someone.

So, how is your productivity doing? In the meantime, if you really don’t want to work, here are a few interesting TechCrunch stories that you don’t want to miss:

  • Matt Burns spent days researching similarities between Xiaomi devices and Apple devices, here’s what he found out.
  • Josh Constine unveiled the true identity of the person behind the popular @HiddenCash Twitter account.
  • If you’re looking for a new portable camera, Darrell Etherington may have found the perfect one for you.

Update: Facebook has been down for 30 minutes now. The developer platform status page now loads and says that Facebook’s platform has experienced problems for the last 25 minutes.

Update #2: After around 45 minutes, Facebook seems to be slowly recovering. Pages load very slowly. A few more minutes and everything should be back to normal.



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