Shazam Debuts A Mac App That Listens From Your Menu Bar

After a partnership with Apple that includes integration in Siri in iOS 8, music identification service Shazam is getting even cosier with Cupertino with a new Mac app available now. The app is free on the Mac App Store, and installs as a menu bar application that runs in the background, listening to the music being played around your computer (or through its speakers) and identifying them via a simple notification while keeping a history of what’s been played.

The app will give you a page of info about the track if you click on the listing, providing a preview and giving you the option to share it to your social network or get it on iTunes, as well as offering up lyrics, videos and recommended related tracks based on what others who bought that track purchased.

It’s neither complicated nor feature-ridden, but it’s a handy little app if you’re using your computer while watching TV and are curious about the soundtrack to a show or the show itself (it tags TV, too), plus it could come in handy if you’re working in an office setting while listening the to radio and working on your Mac. I’ve tried it out with Rdio running and it seems to skip identifying some songs for whatever reason based on my testing, but otherwise it’s a nea and nearly invisible little free app.