Microsoft Brings OneNote To Amazon’s Android App Store

When Microsoft said that it wanted to take its products and services to other platforms, it appears that the company meant it: Today the software firm brought OneNote, its EverNote competitor, to Amazon’s Android App Store.

So, if you have a Kindle Fire or a Fire phone, you can now take OneNote on the road with you.

Microsoft recently made OneNote free everywhere. Before, it had a mixed bag of free and paid offerings.

(TechCrunch reviewed the recently released the Fire phone, but didn’t find it too compelling.)

While Microsoft has done a good job in recent months making its various web services available everywhere, there is a part of its platform play that is still missing. While Office for iPad is out, Office for Android tablets on the way, and now even OneNote for Amazon’s niche Android app store, a touch-build of Office for Windows itself remains elusive.

When that software finally splashes down, expect a few waves.