Microsoft Parodies “I’m Sexy And I Know It” And It’s The Worst

// Update: it appears that the video has been marked private. I swear it worked a few minutes ago. // Second update: Mirror of sorts.  // Third update: That’s now down as well. Ironic, as the @MSOneNote Twitter account tweeted out the clip.

// Final update: Thanks to @KrisRoadruck we have a copy, even after the video was taken down and the corresponding tweet deleted.

The OneNote team has been active lately, making their product free across all platforms, and hosting a successful Reddit AMA session that included an adorkable verification video.

Then they decided to reach. Small tip: If you are technology team in any capacity, either a tech-focused VC groupa phone company, or a software development team, leave the parodies to Weird Al and the singing to Corey Taylor. Otherwise you end up with this:

The line between adorkable and just plain awkward is paper thin.

Not to be unkind, but no. And, again, no. Not that OneNote isn’t an interesting product. It might suit your needs. But this video helps precisely no one.