Matter Lets You Add And Edit 3D Objects In Your Photographs

Pixite, a company that creates high-quality photo editing apps on iOS, is increasing its creative suite today with the launch of Matter, an app that allows users to add 3D effects with shadows and reflections into their existing photographs.

Pixite’s most recent app was Union, an app that lets you blend photographs to create double image exposures, silhouettes and more. Ben Guerrette, creative director, says as each app integrates with the other Pixite apps, the company’s goal is to establish an on-device suite.

Matter has four packs of geometric and architectural models that you can pick a color for, and style it as reflective, opaque, refractive or translucent. You can add shadows in real time and move its position and opacity as well. You can even erase the shadow or model by clicking the tool and rubbing your finger on the parts you want to erase.

Guerrette said Pixite sent the app to a handful of artists to use, as long as they did not reveal how they created their photographs. Their creations generated buzz and people were interested in how they created these 3D models in their photographs, which is when Matter got the thumbs up to continue development.

Matter_iPhone_screenshot_A Matter_iPad_Screenshot_D

If you’re feeling rather uncreative or want to use someone else’s photo, Pixite is also releasing a “Free For All” photo browser that you can access in the app by tapping “Community Photos.” It’s essentially photos that have been shared by artists in the Instagram community that you can share, as long as you credit the original artist.

There is also an interesting video export feature that lets you create animated loops of your 3D model spinning, pulsing or hovering in the photo.

The app is $1.99 on the App Store. All of Pixite’s apps are only on iOS but Guerrette said the company is currently working on porting Fragment to Android, with possibly more to follow.