Samsung Pre-Trolls The iPhone 6 With New Ad

Samsung can’t resist throwing shade at Apple – even with devices that don’t actually exist yet. The Korean smartphone maker has a new video on its official YouTube account that digs into the Mac maker about rumors that it’ll ship an iPhone 6 with a bigger display this fall. Samsung’s conceit: We’ve had that all along!

And so you have Samsung, and therein lies the problem. Yes, you have indeed offered a large, admittedly beautiful display on a string of devices stretching back a few years now, but the iPhone guy in your ad isn’t unaware of this; or at least, he shouldn’t be if he’s a human being with a pulse and access to any kind of media, or if he’s ever shopped at a physical electronics or carrier retailer ever in the past half-decade.

Highlighting that there are still loads of people out there waiting on Apple to deliver a device feature that’s been available elsewhere for a considerable amount of time doesn’t advertise the merits of Samsung, and in fact it highlights the opposite. If I’m watching this commercial, I’m thinking there was a good reason to wait, and then I’m going to hit Google and find out everything I can about this rumored big screen iPhone launch supposedly coming soon.