China Drove Big iPhone And iPad Sales For Apple During Q3 2014

Apple‘s earnings are out, and there’s a narrative contained therein of the emerging importance of China and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries in general – the company revealed to the FT that iPhone sales are up 55 percent year over year in the BRIC nations, and Chinese iPhone sales are up 48 percent, with the iPad sales in that country rising 51 percent year over year despite falling slightly globally.

Revenues in the Apple market segments also reveal the rising importance of China to the company’s bottom line – while revenue was up single digits or nearly flat in the Americas, Europe, Japan and the rest of Asia-Pacific, in China it rose 28 percent year over year, blowing away growth in all other markets. The growth in the iPhone and iPad segments in the region, which now include China Mobile as a carrier partner, meant that the company avoided the typical lull that tends to arrive before a new iPhone launch in the fall.

The iPad sales were also up over 50 percent in the MIddle East, India and China, and saw a lot of new sales to education and health customers.