BoardRounds Helps Hospitals Follow Up With Patients After They Leave The Emergency Room

BoardRounds is a startup helping hospitals stay connected with patients after they leave the emergency room — co-founder and CEO Benjamin Jack said the approach is “much like Google Now, but for healthcare.”

Jack comes from the medical world — he recently received his M.D. from Cornell. He told me via email that normally, when a patient leaves the emergency room, they’re given a phone number to arrange for follow-up care, but “most patients don’t call, don’t get the follow-up they need, get sicker, and return to the emergency room which strains hospital and health insurer resources.”

So what’s the deal with Google Now comparison? Jack means that when hospitals and doctors use BoardRounds, the app will automate the follow-up process, delivering “just-in-time recommendations for patients.” So it can help with scheduling follow-up appointments, arranging transportation to those appointments, and also setting up home care.

Jack said the company combines automation with live support. It offers analytics too, for example telling doctors how many patients actually completed their follow-on appointments. And it’s working with medical service providers to connect patients with follow-on care — for example, it has partnered with Atlantic Dialysis.

Today, the startup is announcing that it’s backed by the Dorm Room Fund, the First Round Capital investment arm that’s run by and investing in college students. (The fund normally offers around $20,000 in funding to startups, as well as mentorship.)

Other investors include Greg Pass, Twitter’s first CTO and now chief entrepreneurial officer at Cornell Tech, as well as Thatcher Bell, Managing Director at Gotham Ventures.