This DIY Game Boy With A Raspberry Pi Inside Can Play All Your Favorite Classic Games

A hack project by DIY enthusiast and gamer John Hassl has given new life to the original Game Boy, thanks to a helping hand from the Raspberry Pi, the $35 complete computer that fits in the palm of your hand. The project features Hassl cramming the Pi into the case of an original Game Boy, and running classic game system emulation software on the Pi to give you access to all your favorite old titles on a portable game system you know and love. Hassl even hacks on a couple extra buttons around back to make the DIY project compatible with more modern system emulators.

The project admittedly requires a decent amount of technical know-how, as well as a willingness to get your hands dirty and use a soldering iron, but it’s not too expensive depending on how easily you can get your hands on a Game Boy in somewhat decent condition, and if you already have a decent kit of computer repair tools and hardware. Haasl has even gone so far as to add a new battery component (there’s no room for one in the case anymore once the Pi’s inside) so that the system retains its portability post-hack.

Like Haasl before this project, I also have a Raspberry Pi sitting around that I ordered but then had nothing to do with, and there are far worse things I could do with said device than build a retro portable gaming machine using the original Game Boy I also still have lying around. Tempting, but also risky – still, Haasl’s clearly happy with his gaming Frankenstein.