UserTesting Launches Peek, A Free Service For Basic User Testing

UserTesting, a provider of user testing services for web and mobile apps, has launched a free version of basic user testing services called Peek.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company, which is backed by investors including Kern Whelan Capital, has brought the Peek service out of beta to give developers, designers and marketers a way to see real people using their website, mobile app, or mobile site, the company says.

Anyone who wants to have UserTesting give their site a workout can log in the site name, UserTesting then provides their own “user” who will run through a basic checklist of questions while navigating the site and recording their thoughts on their progress.

A company then can get a video of the user on the site — basically a voiceover narration of the “user” moving through the company’s website — or working with the mobile app or site — with a video of their screen as they work through the site and answer the questions provided.

The service could be a boon for small businesses that typically don’t have the money to engage in what’s typically a pretty costly process, according to UserTesting chief operating officer Chris Hicken.

It seems to be working. In just over 4 months the service has been downloaded 40,000 times, according to the company.

“Traditionally, user testing was so expensive and complex that only big companies could afford it,” said Manager and Co-Founder of UserTesting Dave Garr. “So I wanted to find a way to make it available to everyone.”

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