Levi’s Stadium, The New Home Of The San Francisco 49ers, Is Geek Heaven

When the San Francisco 49ers take the field for their first preseason home game on August 17, fans will have a lot to cheer about. Not just because the team, which finished last year with a 12-4 record and made it into the NFC Championship game, is back — but also because they will be playing in a brand new stadium.

Levi’s Stadium, which had its ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday, is a beautiful arena. It comfortably seats 68,500 fans and can add additional seating to hold 75,000 for events like the Super Bowl. There are two giant screens on either side of the field, with a viewing area of 19,200 square feet between them.

But that’s the kind of thing that we’ve come to expect from new modern arenas. What’s really cool about Levi’s Stadium is the technology that has been built into it.

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Fans will be treated to arena-wide WiFi, with more than 1,000 access points scattered throughout the stadium. It will have 40 Gbps of connectivity coming in, which is about 40 times the capacity of even the most connected stadiums out there.

The stadium will have an app that will allow fans to instantly watch replays from their mobile devices in the stadium, choosing from a variety of different camera angles. That app will also feature paperless ticketing and the ability to order food and drinks directly from your seat.

All in all, it sounds like just the type of stuff that folks in Silicon Valley would want while watching their local sportsball team.

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