Conan O’Brien Tries Out Tinder

For many of us in the tech world, the word “Tinder” has been a part of our vocabulary for years now. (And no, I don’t mean kindling for a fire.)

Still, some folks are just now jumping on the bandwagon, not least of which is Mr. Conan O’Brien himself.

Our beloved late-night host joined in the Tinder fun last night, and made quite a connection with a 74-year-old lady named Gloria. Actually, “quite a connection” isn’t all that accurate.

Gloria and Conan got a match, and Gloria showed little to no interest in Conan. In her defense, he was going by a fake name so that he could sort the true gems from the fame mongers.

Still, Conan goes to great lengths tailoring his profile to attract interesting women.

In the segment, Conan learns terms like “DTF” and the dangers of Tinder autocorrect — the app auto-changed “I am” to “Obama.” We’ve all been there.

I don’t want to ruin the end, so I’m not going to say what happens, but Conan goes to some interesting and hilarious lengths to connect with his only match, Gloria.

Oh, and if you happen to see Chip Whitley pop up on your Tinder, I suggest that you swipe right.

Check it out down below: