To Signal Broader Ambitions, Mobile Ad Company HasOffers Changes Its Name To Tune

HasOffers has been a tricky startup to write about — partly because ad attribution isn’t inherently sexy, but mostly because of the name. Yes, there’s HasOffers the company and HasOffers the product, but at this point it’s probably best known for a different service, MobileAppTracking, which allows mobile developers to see which ads are actually leading to app installs, engagement, and purchases.

CEO Peter Hamilton acknowledged that there has been “a lot of confusion about what is HasOffers versus MobileAppTracking.” He said the team has known for a while that “this is not going to be the long-term naming architecture” and that it wanted “a more flexible, bigger name.” That’s why the company is announcing a new name today — Tune.

The existing HasOffers and MobileAppTracking products will continue to exist, but they’ll now be known as HasOffers by Tune and MobileAppTracking by Tune. (HasOffers, by the way, allows online advertisers to manage relationships with multiple publishers.) And this gives the company room to launch new products under the Tune brand. Hamilton didn’t get specific about what those new products will be, but he did offer a broader vision.

“The goal of Tune is to make mobile marketing better for everyone,” he said. “We’re here to support the entire ecosystem with technology — not just marketers, not just publishing platforms.”

Apparently the name, the logo, and so on are the result of a nine-month rebranding process. Hamilton said it took this long because he wanted to make sure the entire company was involved with the process. (Plus, it’s not easy to secure Tune URLs around the world.) So why Tune? In part, it reflects the idea of helping customers “tune their marketing campaigns better,” but Hamilton also chose it because it’s fun.

“We thought it would be more valuable for us to have fun with this name and be really broad and exciting, rather than try to be too descriptive and too perfectly matched for what we did,” he said.

After bootstrapping since it was founded in 2009, HasOffers/Tune raised a $9.4 million round led by Accel last year. It was in the headlines more recently for being dropped from Facebook’s mobile measurement program.

Hamilton is making the announcement on-stage today at the company’s Postback conference. You can see the full Tune team in the photo above, and read more in this company blog post.