Music Messaging App La-La Lets Users Chat With Songs Snippets

As Yo has proved, the public’s appetite for messaging seems not to have stopped with WhatsApp. Many others have appeared before an since. As Sarah Perez recently found out. Now another has appeared which plans to plug at our emotional side a little more, drawing the medium most tied to the heart: music.

Instead of a Yo, or a word or an image, new music messaging app La-La lets its users chat with audio snippets of songs.

Say you want to send a quick ‘hi’ to a girlfriend or boyfriend. On La-La you might select ‘Hello’ by Lionel Richie (I’m sure better songs are available), pick your friend’s contact and hit send. They can reply with their own sing choices, presumably until you’ve run out of ideas.

Users can also send La-La messages via SMS (for recipients without the app) or to someone befriended to their La-La account. The recipient doesn’t know what song snippet they got until they play it, adding that frisson on anticipation.

It reminds me of a different kind of take on music sharing, ThisIsMyJam, but done as messages.

Currently, La-La has a neat selection of licensed music by popular artists and has the option for users to create their own messages by searching YouTube for music and clipping out a section for sending.

Unlike other “music sending” apps out there that send song links attached to written chat messages users can’t chat with words in any way on La-La — only music.

This is probably good for teens but likely to be of some frustration to adults perhaps.