Givey Secures Cash For Free Charity Giving Model To Compete With JustGiving

In the UK, one company dominates the charitable giving space: JustGiving. But many are concerned about the fees this organisation takes and its virtual monopoly on the market. In recent times a number of competitors have arisen with different models. One is, which is building out a cloud platform where brands themselves can push charitable giving, and it doesn’t take fees from the campaigns. Meanwhile, another has been plugging away on its own model for a while, but is now poised to scale up.

Givey instantly and automatically matches the charitable giving of employees with donations from their employers. So say I decided to run a race for charity, then TechCrunch could back the funds I raised as well. Givey would levy charges to TechCrunch, not me or the charity. Because of this model, Givey is free for charities and free for individuals, unlike JustGiving.

Now, Givey has closed £300,000 in investment. It’s taken £100K in Angel, £100K from North Star Ventures and £100K from IP Group PLC. It’s already raised £650K previously from these investors. These funds are to scale the business and expand into consumer donation matching both in the UK and U.S.

Founder Dave Erasmus created Givey in 2011, and went through the Ignite100 accelerator.

Right now it works with over 8,000 UK charities. Customers include the giant UK train company London Midland.

JustGiving, the incumbent UK leading donation commerce site, has come under scrutiny recently as it takes roughly 7% of your donation and £18 per month from the charity.